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Fill out the form and please be as specific as you can. 

The Subject matter I am wanting to tattoo is...

  • Lady faces or male faces, dark themes are best.

  • Snakes, Skulls, Wolves (mean / snarling) Birds, flowers.

  • ultimately I just want to do simple cool art. The less info you give me to work with the better. My portfolio shows examples of this.

If your project request does not have at least two of these I most likely will not take on the project.

I will not reply to project inquires I do not want to take on.

My style of tattooing is illustrative realism. I tattoo primarily black and gray with special exceptions for color. An appointment is NOT required to come in and talk about your next project. the address to the studio is only given out if i agree to meet and discuss the project further. the studio is private and not open to the public. Please respect my rules and I look forward to working with you. 


instagram: @myktattoo

A deposit is required to make an appointment.
(Paypal, Venmo or CashApp; cash is preferred)

I will not schedule an appointment unless I have talked to you in person. 

Working at:


~ art collective ~

a private studio


Days / Times available to discuss projects:

Saturday- Noon-3pm

Sunday- noon-3pm



phone #

~Lady faces or male faces, dark themes are best.

~Snakes, Skulls, Wolves (mean, snarling) birds.

~Flowers, daggers, anatomical hearts.





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